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Written by: PP on 23/08/2012 22:49:58

While not quite as brilliant as "Mechanize", one of the best albums in 2010, the appropriately titled "The Industrialist" continues the resurgence of Fear Factory as the best industrial metal around. Though the band lay dormant in stagnation for most of the past decade, the reunion with original songwriter Dino Cazares seems to have seriously re-ignited their connection, resulting now in the second collection of great songs from a band that many thought would never return to its past glory.

"The Industrialist" upholds the band's signature tightly knit, claustrophobically compressed soundscape that enables their mechanically pounding drums and ultra heavy riffs to become the worst nightmare for anyone suffering from migraine. The title track's aggressive opening reminds us that despite their generous usage of clean vocals, Fear Factory are still a heavy metal band at heart, and it is this contrast between the senseless industrial pounding and hauntingly beautiful melodies, and uplifting clean choruses that makes them the best band in the genre. The evil grooves and triggered drums are one thing, but Burton's clean vocals are back-chilling during his best moments on "New Messiah", "Recharger", or on "Depraved Mind Murder".

Basically, what "The Industrialist" does best - much like its predecessor - is to act as a gateway band into the genre often thought by many to murky, unmelodic, and generally unappealing. Fear Factory demonstrate throughout the album an unparalleled sense for brilliant melody juxtaposed with the kind of dense heaviness most breakdown obsessed core bands can only dream of writing. If you're longing for the "Demanufacture" or "Obsolete" days, then both "Mechanize" and "The Industrialist" are as close as you can get to their seminal days.


Download: New Messiah, Recharger, Depraved Mind Murder, Difference Engine
For the fans of: Static-X, Mnemic, Sybreed, Ministry
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Release date 01.06.2012
Candlelight Records / AFM Records

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