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As the bottom of the review box is starting to peak underneath the pile of unfinished reviews from 2006, I'm finding more and more gems that should've been reviewed during 2006 but weren't, but unfortunately also albums like Animosity's sophomore album "Empires" that are going to be reviewed but could have made space for better albums instead.

"Empires" is your standard grindcore combined death metal. Songs are medium-length, approaching the 3 minute mark, and full of different vocal styles and destructive instrumentation. The band takes advantage of two vocalists, one screamer and one growler, who mostly alternate the lines so that one is delivered in screaming mode, and the next one in growl mode, while also at times experimenting with both on top of each other. Here the gargle-style vocals bury the screaming vocals underneath them and the bombastic instruments featuring lightning speed blastbeats and typical American death metal guitar/bass mess with no structure whatever.

But below the surface of the terribly composed songs lies a truly fantastic, incredible lyricist. It's a shame one has to resort to the lyrics sheet to understand what the hell the vocalists are going on about because once you do, their messages are both timely and effective social commentary. Take "Holy Shackles" for instance, where the vocalist growls "Stop Killing! Stop dying over religion and relying on god to feed their children [..] there's no hope for change unless this bullshit falls / there can be no peace until we murder the lord / religion is a drain on society and has held us back for centuries". The other songs don't fall short either for exemplary lyricism, and it is too bad the young band (average age only 19) didn't select another genre to deliver these messages on, as on "Empires" they are buried underneath a wall of chaotic instrumentation and terribly brutal vocals and their focus is lost on the listener. A lackluster, truly mediocre and average death metal effort.


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For the fans of: Carcass, Lamb Of God, Coldworker, Cattle Decapitation
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Release date 20.11.2006
Metal Blade
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