Artie Kaye EP

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Rebuke are a Gothenburg, Sweden based technical skate punk band who source their inspiration from familiar sources: hints and nuances of Belvedere and its associated side project This Is A Standoff are clearly audible in their sound given its inclination for high-speed melody and technical, but clean guitar work. On occasion, the band demonstrates they've listened to the brilliant Career Suicide by A Wilhelm Scream as well, so whether you're into their sharper and edgier guitars or the lightning speed pop/skate punk of Rufio, there's something to like on "Artie Kaye" EP.

Basically, it's a four track EP that worships its influences without sounding like an identical clone. The instruments are played remarkably tightly despite their technical prowess, which is all the more impressive given their ridiculous tempo. The songwriting is solid as well, so the four tracks race by in a quick, but enjoyable experience overall. I won't keep you for longer, because this is a simple "do you like Belvedere or A Wilhelm Scream, yes/no?" type of question.


Download: Black Screen Eyes
For the fans of: Belvedere, This Is A Standoff, A Wilhelm Scream, Rufio
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 01.04.2012
Socks Off Collective / Disconnect Disconnect Records

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