Tystnad & Saknad EP

Written by: PP on 19/08/2012 03:40:06

Bombfors from Karlskoga, Sweden have been playing fiery old school hardcore/punk for almost two decades now yet they have made little headway as a band in the public and critical eye. The lack of regular releases is part of the problem, I assume, but that's what the band are trying to correct with their latest EP "Tystnad & Saknad". It's a combination of old school influences mostly from the 80s hardcore scene, adapted to a faster tempo punk rock sound where the two genres meet in the middle of the road for both.

The resulting sound is one that carries the power and the raw, unpolished sound of hardcore but with the hints and underlying melody of a punk rock release. On songs like "Jävla Apa" and "Sebastians Namn", the band demonstrates that with the addition of just enough melodic undertones, even aggressive vocals can sound pretty catchy. But overall, "Tystnad & Saknad" is definitely geared at the mohawk bearing, patch-obsessed underground fans who frequent places like Ungdomshuset here in Denmark. It's a raw sound that's far from the clean and modern productions you tend to hear in punk rock today, and as such fits perfect into its subculture. But unlike some (Antibodies, I'm looking at you), Bombfors do their thing with considerable skill and catchy gang shouts that elevate their release from a retrospective failure into a moderately good punk/hardcore EP with anthems for the underground...It's sung entirely in Swedish, so keep that in mind before checking out the record.

Download: Jävla Apa, Sebastians Namn
For the fans of: Asta Kask, Strebers, Antibodies, Revilers
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Release date 10.05.2011

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