From The Depths

Written by: AZ on 18/08/2012 10:10:51

I must confess that upon entering the realm of Karybdis' first record I was intrigued. Was it the name or the fact that all the musical influences they describe in their Facebook page overlap to a great extent with mine? I don't know but that hunch didn't misguide me and I'm pleased to acquaint you all with “From the Depths”.

The quintet from London is maybe the best way to present some of the modern metal sounds – melodic, with flawless technical skills, taking more and more influence from the core-scene. Their album is very qualitative effort that shows a rich gamma of emotions that the band skillfully incorporates within the metal surrounding. Ranging from soft almost fragile spanish acoustic guitars which could be heard in the earlier In Flames records to breakdowns labeled All Shall Perish.

Of course, every song of the album brings a special feeling with itself and broadens my understanding of Karybdis. And I must say depth is the keyword in each track of this long and fluctuating ride in the sea of dark and deep sounds. With songs like Death Toll you can easily imagine a clear water ocean. Moments later everything turns into a bloody red hurricane when the beasts of the black depths arise to bring havoc to the world – courtesy of vocalist Rich's growls and the tight instrumental part of the band.

This record is for everyone that wants to check their clocks and see how fast exactly the metal world is running to the metronome. There are no more boundaries between the genres, there are no forbidden plays, no rules! That is way we as listeners are able to witness upcoming bands like Karybdis and records like “From the Depths”.


Download: Death Toll, Minotaur, From The Depths
For The Fans Of: Sylosis, Trivium, All Shall Perish
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Release Date 02.07.2012

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