11th Street Kids

Well, What Did You Expect?

Written by: PP on 15/08/2012 06:27:07

11th Street Kids is a side project of a member from the Danish indie rock band The Floor Is Made Of Lava, where he has a chance to explore a few other genres than in his main band. On their debut album "Well, What Did You Expect?", we see the band reach into 70s style retro rock and garage rock, from influences as wide as The Kinks, New York Dolls, Ramones, and others from that era, while experimenting with the sound just a little bit to keep it interesting.

The way they do this is through a clever usage of some sexy saxophone, that draws from jazz music and the epic sax guy. On paper it sounds like it shouldn't work, but it is seamlessly integrated to their sound on for example "One Life", and gives the song a new dimension. That said, their expression works fine without it as well, especially on the faster paced "Brazil" which really draws from The Kinks / Ramones / The Clash / Sex Pistols era punk rock heavily. That kind of retrospective sound is of course a big hit here in Denmark hipsterland, so it should earn the band at least a few fans here and there. But overall, the band's soundscape may be a little too dated to sound fresh in 2012. The songs are decent, pretty catchy even on a few occasions, but I can't help but think that they're a few decades too late with their sound.

Download: Kiss The Kids, One Life, Brazil
For the fans of: New York Dolls, The Kinks
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Release date 23.04.2012
Target Records

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