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Day Job

Written by: PP on 14/08/2012 18:02:41

If you've been disappointed by new Reel Big Fish material in recent years, you've always been able to go to the latest Suburban Legends release for a sound that's shamelessly copied from the ska punk legends, but is well-executed nonetheless. "Day Job" is the next album in a string of Suburban Legends records that offer absolutely zero originality in terms of their approach to ska punk, considering it's literally 100% cloned from Reel Big Fish, but that doesn't matter because they are the real deal when it comes to playing the genre right.

The songs are energy-driven, high in tempo, and jam-packed with infectious horn instrumentation, whether in the form of trumpets, trombones or both. They don't just complement the fast pace ska guitars, but are in fact the most significant element in the mix. The choruses in all songs are maddeningly catchy, are ideal as party starters, and by design perfect summer anthems for the long afternoons in the shade of palm trees or for hanging out at the beach. You can pretty much guarantee that if you know how to skank, these songs will invite you to put your ska-shoes on and draw you to the dance floor immediately, especially if under the influence of even the slightest bit of alcohol.

I mean, the songs are superficial and ska is on its way out and all that, but "Day Job" is just so catchy and has a constant, overwhelming feel-good vibe to it, so it's practically impossible to dislike the album. For all the RBF clone criticism aside, ska punk doesn't come much better than Suburban Legends, at least not in 2012. Streetlight Manifesto comes to mind, sure, but after that there's a long drop to the next authentic ska-punk band that's this good. "Day Job" is not a genre classic or even a fantastic album in 2012 despite that, but it's a fun listen and great for brainless fun if you're bored.

Download: Emergency, Love Fair
For the fans of: Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto
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Release date 03.04.2012

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