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Written by: PP on 03/08/2012 17:55:12

Apologies, I Have None from London, UK have been flying under the radar of most publications until very recently, when they released their debut album "London", an anthemic alternative rock record with clear punk undertones lurking just underneath the surface. In its essence, it brings all the huge sing alongs from the woo-hoo style of punk rock (think Anti-Flag in particular) into a more intelligent, contemplative and depth-based alternative rock approach akin to something like The Swellers or Lower Than Atlantis.

The resulting mixture tastes quite impressive, indeed. They start off by sounding like a more mellow and restrained version of Anti-Flag on the first couple of songs, most of all because their vocalist sounds a lot like Anti-Flag's Justin Sane, plus the songs have a high-energy vibe to them and lots of wooah-wooah backing vocals. But then the band transitions into a slower expression, which is catchy in a more intelligent manner than the straight-forward bombardment of Anti-Flag's punk rock energy, taking more time in developing its melodies and cleverly applying pressure points and climaxes in near-perfect timings. A song like "The 26" is a good example; its explosion of melody about 3/4 into the song should send chills down the spine for any alternative rock fan, and it couldn't have been done without the subtle influence from the political punkers in Anti-Flag.

But most of all "London" is a very different-sounding album from the typical examples in either genre. It falls somewhere halfway in between, while also toying with folk influences every now and then. It's a record that explores a variety of tempos, structures, and texture, and is wildly successful at what it's trying to do. This is radio ready alternative rock that could penetrate the mainstream if marketed right, but without resorting into recyclable riffs or predictable choruses. Thinking man's alternative/punk rock.


Download: Sat In Vicky Park, Clapton Pond, The 26, Joiners & Windmills
For the fans of: Anti-Flag, Lower Than Atlantis, The Swellers, Against Me!
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 19.03.2012

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