7 Days Before

Fast Fame Fast Fall EP

Written by: PP on 03/08/2012 17:45:26

7 Days Before? More like 7 years before. What is it with people starting nu-metal bands a decade after the genre was officially pronounced dead? Who in the right mind is going to touch any genre which includes the words 'rap' and 'core' somewhere in its definition? Apparently these French guys didn't get the memo, because their new record "Fast Fame Fast Fall", an aptly titled record that describes the cycle of nu-metal spot on, basically sounds like 2002 came back calling, except it hasn't learned anything at all from its original disastrous run. This is like driving into a brick wall with your car and wrecking it completely, and expecting a different result a few years later when doing the same thing.

"you fake bitches, fucking get away" - repeat ad infinitum during the chorus of "Going Down". This is a typical chorus for 7 Days Before, and a symptomatic example of why nu-metal and rapcore are both considered lowest common denominators in music, even with all the ridiculous crunk bands running free currently. It doesn't get much better for the rest of the record, as the band alternate between sounding like Hybrid Theory (what Linkin Park used to be called), Limp Bizkit during their worst years, and Zebrahead's nu-metal rapcore past. It's laughable at best, terrible at worst. "The Wolf Howl" is a good example: it's exactly like the Limp Bizkit record where Fred Durst tried to be all experimental to be cool. Slow, almost spoken-word vocals and weird instrumentation. Well, it was shit back then and it's shit today. If you put lipstick on a pig, well, it's still a pig, as the common saying goes.

But all the more power to 7 Days Before. They are of course never going to make it with this sound, so they must be writing music because they like doing so. That's cool, but do the rest of us have to suffer through it as well?


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For the fans of: early Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Zebrahead
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Release date 14.02.2012

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