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The next chapter in Job For A Cowboy's evolution in becoming a fully fledged death metal band is on "Demonocracy", where they show that preceding album "Ruination" was only a starting point into what is today an unstoppable force of innovation and modernization within the genre. It takes but a couple of listens to the album to understand that Job For A Cowboy are ahead of their more old school and retroactive peers, and miles ahead of their deathcore-turned-death metal contemporaries who've all begun the same transition in the footsteps of this band.

Let's put it this way: few bands are able to deliver such precision-guided, brutal instrumentation at the intensity and flair that Job For A Cowboy do throughout this album. "The Manipulation Stream", in particular, is an elite death metal song with a solo that essentially nominates JFAC as an heir to the throne of death metal to the bewilderment of the old guard within death metal by being a Morbid Angel inspired evil riff that sounds almost futuristic whilst processing its original roots. It's but one example among many where Job For A Cowboy successfully apply modern production values and updated songwriting rhetoric to an age-old sound while retaining the core essence of the genre's origins: brutality and technical flair. Listening to "Demonocracy" it's hard to believe that JFAC were once a breakdown-obsessed pig-squealer band detested by the death metallers as young wannabes, because this is the real deal folks.

The drumming is incredible, the riffs show technical prowess and quality of songwriting not often seen by new bands, and the vocals are nothing short of guttural and demonic - just the way they should be for a great death metal release. The song structures constantly push the envelope on what is expected in the genre, and the band isn't afraid to throw in the heavy metal solo or a grindcore-esque section if it betters the song. Rules of death metal re-written.

Download: The Manipulation Stream, Nourishment Through Bloodshed
For the fans of: The Black Dahlia Murder, By the Patient, Misery Index
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Release date 10.04.2012
Metal Blade

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