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Written by: PP on 01/08/2012 00:59:11

The biography for Cardiff, UK-based Blowgoat states the following: "We rip off The Bronx and ETID and get fucked up while we do it.". I might as well just end the review there because that's about as accurate of a description for "Blowgoat" EP as any I'll come up with, unless you throw in some Cancer Bats and Gallows influence as well for good measure. Basically, southern hardcore that sources its core sound heavily from groove-laden rock'n'roll riffage.

Oh, were it that simple, but there's more to Blowgoat than the initial scratch of the surface suggests. True, they deliver their ferocious expression based on the same rules as Every Time I Die and The Bronx: with in-your-face aggressive screaming and plenty of urgency to create a ravaging sound. There's room for some tongue-in-cheek humour as well, like the title "Fuck The Bronx" suggests. But even though their inspirations are as clear as the blue sky somewhere else than in Scandinavia at the moment, they somehow manage to pull through and unleash a fiery expression of dirtily distorted guitars and energetic songs that pull the band on almost even ground with their idols. So nope, this isn't just your ordinary clone band, Blowgoat actually pack an uncompromising punch as they essentially speed towards you like you were the deer in the metaphorical headlights, knowing very well that they're about crash and burn on the way due to the razor-sharp vocals and raw instrumentation, that punctures the wheels and results in an uncontrollable chaos rumbling on towards you. Yeah, so pretty much exactly how southern hardcore is designed to be played like. And when they add in a few catchy song structures here and there, "Blowgoat" EP is really an excellent debut EP for a band that just needs to develop their own identity and they're well off to the races.


Download: Fuck The Bronx
For the fans of: Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, The Bronx, Gallows
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Release date 16.04.2012

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