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So close, yet so far. Battle For Paris are a mathy post-hardcore quintet from Dorset, UK, whose debut album "Superstar" almost achieves something spectacular, but falls significantly short in its execution even though the idea is valid. Such is fate sometimes when writing an experimental album, you tend to walk on a tightrope between too weird and the perfect, and only the best bands are able to hold to their balance from an album's worth of songs.

On "Superstar", Battle For Paris very clearly channel one band and one band only: classic Botch from the "American Nervoso" days from almost fourteen years ago. A chaotic, unpredictable mess between mathy, intricate guitars and post-hardcore tendencies, one that succeeds exactly because of its perfect blend of left-then-right, up-then-down style wild guitar experimentation and aggression driven, emotionally charged screamo laid on top of the already discordant instrumentation.

So yeah, it's easy to figure out what they're trying to do, and they're almost there. The idea is right, but they have some major issues with the production values applied to the record. It sounds too garage and too lo-fi to do their sound justice, causing instrumentals to sound loosely played when they should be tight and surgically precise, which is a must have if you are to succeed in any genre that includes the word 'math' in its description. Still, it's not difficult to observe what Battle For Paris have attempted here: an experimental amalgamation of the chaos of hardcore and the beauty of mathematically precise riffs that angle in seemingly every direction unpredictably, which are the ingredients that Botch pioneered during their three criminally underrated classics in between 1997 and 1999. Promising in some ways, but yet somewhat disappointing in its overall delivery.


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Release date 16.04.2012
Tangled Talk Records

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