Experiments With Truth

Written by: PH on 28/12/2006 20:17:05

So here it is. The long-awaited second album from the Welsh band Dopamine.

The title track "Experiments With Truth" opens the album, with my first thought being Finch, which stays unchanged even today. It's a plain boring song that will probably go straight into the hearts of those emo-kids who already worship bands who all sound alike.

The next track "Who You Are" is - if possible - even worse and sounds like if they are trying to make fun of the emo-scene with the lyrics "Are you scared of who you are?" sung sweetly from Neil Starr's lungs.

So should I just stop here and give them a 3/10? No, wait. The next song "Too Late" is actually quite good and varies from the two starters. "Colour Of Comfort" is actually decent as well. But here's where the good stuff ends and problems start. The following songs make me lose my smile totally. Dopamine is back to the meaningless and annoying emo-sound that is used by countless other bands in the scene today.

It's impossible to point out Dopamine's songs out from the other average emo bands out there. It's just boring. If you like emo in the vein of Lostprophets' "Start Something" album and don't mind the quality difference, this might be for you. Otherwise, it'll be too unoriginal for you to like.


Download: Too Late
For the fans of: Lost Prophets
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Release date 25.09.2006
Emotion Sickness Records
Provided by Target ApS

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