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Written by: TL on 27/12/2006 23:18:03

Racing against time in order to get to the bottom of the release-pile before 2006 finally dies out, I'm back with yet another review of a band that further establishes cause for the existence of the term fashioncore.

Take one good look at Blessthefall's Myspace, and you'll know what I'm talking about. First of all it functions as their primary website marking a full commitment to the popular community. Secondly, everything from the artwork to the style of the band members is screaming "SCEEEEENE!" so loud it threatens to overshadow the actual screaming taking place on the record.

And no, this band is no Bring Me The Horizon. Your first impression is just about as accurate as it can get. The band lists Saosin as one of their primary influences, and doing anything else would be next to criminal seeing as there's more than enough similarities to make you figure that one out by yourself. What sets them apart from Cove & Co is the heavier focus on the usage of screams. So far this should sound pretty good to you, but unfortunately for these youngsters, it's not all roses for this record.

Even though the band does amazingly well at achieving the sound they seem to be aiming for, there's still a lot left for them to work on in terms of composition and songwriting. While tracks like "Higinia", "Could Tell A Love" and "Wait For Tomorrow" show an amazing band filled to the bursting point with talent and potential, some of the other songs have serious trouble maintaining the high standards, coming dangerously close to the cliché substanceless scream-fests that critics of the genre like to reduce it to. And don't even get me started on the nauseating, pace-killing, overly dramatic ballad "With Eyes Wide Shut". Classic rookie mistake guys.

Despite the flaws however, there's still enough potential in this band for me to recommend them to any lover of the genre. Decent, promising, but still with a long road to walk.


Download: Higinia, Could Tell A Love, Wait For Tomorrow
For the fans of: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Saosin, Chemical Vocation
Listen: MySpace

Release date 07.11.2006
Science Records

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