Jump The Train EP

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Snakebite are a relatively new rock'n'roll / hard rock band from Copenhagen, who aren't afraid to pour every single cliché from the genre into their sound on their latest EP "Jump The Train". It's a record perfectly suited for the Rock The Night / Sin City Copenhagen type of crowd, a sleazy, rowdy expression that's driven by guitar grooves and energetic, dirty riffs, and most of all an attitude suitable for a band with much bigger shoes. Worship of Guns 'N Roses and pals certainly runs high here.

The band's strength is their vocalist, whose technical delivery may not be particularly praise-worthy, but what he lacks in that department he compensates with a rowdy attitude and a high-energy approach to his screaming/singing style. It's difficult not to be taken aback by how much heart and soul he pours into his vocals, even when it's very evident that he's not exactly ear-pleasing to listen to. To his credit, however, his vocal chord-tearing expression suits the band's revivalist sound quite well, and should hit straight home for anyone who ever fell in love with the sleazy and dirty rock'n'roll scene from the late 70s and early 80s.

But the biggest problem Snakebite has is their utter lack of originality. Everything from the riffs to the overall atmosphere of the record is copied from the genre's legends and founding fathers. That of course means the record isn't very convincing rather than a tribute to what the genre used to be back in the day. For some, that's what it's all about in rock'n'roll, while others, like us here at, roll our eyes and wonder whether this style shouldn't be left to the decades that it died in?

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Release date 03.03.2012

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