Not Your Kind Of People

Written by: AZ on 15/07/2012 20:25:45

Alternative rock, electronic, post-grunge? Call it what you want, Garbage are back! And just the way faith works its mysterious ways into the life of all the musicians from the not so distant past, they come together and somehow feel the need to reunite and give all the long-time fans something to live for again. If you and I believe this, then we should definitely check out the fifth release by the Wisconsin natives - "Not Your Kind of People".

Following a six-year hiatus, the band returns with an album that can be described in a number of ways. In a nutshell, it is a continuation of the Garbage tradition. In more detail, it is the the sound that we are used to hearing from the band, a little outer space, a little high pitched, and, of course, a little bit wild. It's something that can make you dance, speed your car, or completely the opposite: put you into an unconscious deep sleep with Shirley Manson's voice acting as your heartbeat. Yes, you know this band and their abilities. What you can expect this time around is a very infectious creation. It's full of industrial influences and catchy riffs and sounds that pass to Shirley's voice perfectly. The front-woman still has the ability to keep the attention with her mesmerizing and stupefying voice.

I also admire the band's way of changing the listener's mood through the songs. It feels like they just strike a thin chord every now and then, coloring the scenery in different patterns. They can make you feel light as a feather with "Bright Tonight" or slap you in the face with "The One".

"Not Your Kind of People" is a great Garbage record! Yes, you won't find another "Stupid Girl" or "Only Happy When It Rains" here, but it is a fresh new take on what the band has been delving in for most of their existence and cool experience – a Garbage experience.

Download: Automatic Systematic Habit, Battle In Me, Man On A Wire, The One
For The Fans Of: The Cardigans, Angelfish, Hole
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Release Date 14.05.2012

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