Even On The Worst Nights

Written by: PP on 14/07/2012 05:53:43

Finally a full length from Mixtapes - it's about fucking time. After putting out numerous EPs and splits with countless different bands in quick succession during the past couple of years, the fans finally get what they've been asking for all along: 16 songs worth of original Mixtapes songs on an album called "Even On The Worst Nights", that delivers everything the EPs promised and then some. This is what no-frills pop punk is all about: great melodies, sing along sections, and a genuine, down-to-earth attitude to the lyrics and the overall mood on the album. There's no superfluous bullshit here nor any grand scheme of artistic ambition lurking just underneath the surface. No unnecessary polish nor over-inflation of simple song structures to sound bigger than they are in reality.

No, Mixtapes is the definition of a DIY pop punk band. They write songs because they think it's fun to write songs, and they're really not that bothered by your opinion on them, but if you happen to like them, they welcome you with open arms and can't believe that you honestly like their music. This attitude also reflects in the lyricism of both their male and female vocalists, whose alternating and/or juxtaposing dynamic sounds great throughout the record, even though the nasal vocals are of course not something that'd ever pass in American Idol or any other useless talent competition. Because that's not at all what Mixtapes are about, and if you thought they are here to write smooth, slick songs that can be marveled at from any direction, you simply haven't understood what this band is all about. It's like the band's male vocalist sings on album highlight "Anyways":

"And who ever said that I had something to say? [...] And everybody I know is an artist these days / Everybody you know is an artist these days / And everyone I know, they all seem afraid / Well, I'm not an artist.

For Mixtapes, it's more important to write honest, uptempo melodies that you can sing along to rather than try to create some kind of all-encompassing story to the album. That, however, doesn't mean they don't have tremendous respect to bands that do, such as The Wonder Years, who are the closest equivalent to the band musically. "I'm Wearing The Device (Bridge, Water)" reaches far into their repertoire musically. They even bring in vocalist Soupy from said band to guest on "Mt. Hope", adding great character to the track.

Some may call it a cop-out but in all honesty, does it really matter when the songs are this good? You won't hear a better male/female dynamic in punk rock today. Their vocal synergy carries much of the same energy and youthful passion as the first New Found Glory record did in its time, and that's only a good thing. So throw away your preconceptions and meet the antonym for a pretentious record: "Even On The Worst Nights".


Download:I'm Wearing The Device (Bridge, Water), Hey Ma Pt 2, Anyways, Something Better
For the fans of: The Wonder Years, Lemuria, Direct Hit!, Candy Hearts, New Found Glory
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Release date 25.06.2012
No Sleep Records

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