You Had Me At Hello

Take It Off EP

Written by: PP on 13/07/2012 22:22:38

You Had Me At Hello are a small pop punk band from the UK, who've just released their debut EP "Take It Off". It's a record that has its foundations in pop punk, but has a tendency to lean towards the emo rock side for further influence every once in a while. The resulting expression is something that combines the core sound of "Tell All Your Friends"-era Taking Back Sunday together with the emocore / pop punk hybrid sound of Senses Fail from their relatively little know debut EP "From The Depths Of Dreams".

While there are some issues with low scale production giving the melodies a weird ring to them in places, overall the EP is a good display of how to write catchy, Taking Back Sunday-inspired songs overall. There's even the odd Blink 182 references such as the riff on "Carry On", which could've been written by said band during their "Enema Of The State" years. But primarily the band spend their time in Taking Back Sunday/Senses Fail territory on halfway catchy songs like "Breathless" and "Say It Ain't Much". There's a distinct feeling that many of these songs could be really good a proper production was applied to them, but even in this self-released, self-produced type of sound the vocal harmonies are pretty darn catchy. This band definitely has potential once they fix their production, there's evidence for good songwriting on offer here, even if it does rely a liitttle bit too much on TBS's original songs.

Download: Breathless
For the fans of: Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, Houston Calls
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Release date 04.06.2012

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