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Gloucester Del Sol EP

Written by: PP on 13/07/2012 21:58:49

Bristol, UK-based melodic hardcore punkers Southpaw Fakers are back with a new EP called "Gloucester Del Sol", a four track exploration into the beautiful and infectiously catchy world of passionate, coarse melodic punk. Their inspirations haven't changed since their debut EP last year: Lifetime, Shook Ones, Dolarhyde, and Go Rydell still rank high on the list of bands who Southpaw Fakers draw their sound from, but that's okay, because the band deliver their expression with a sense of urgency that makes for a worthy addition in the genre.

Original it is not, but at least the songs are catchy, despite the retarded song titles like "Super Nintendo Charmers", "If You Were A Curry, You'd Be Mild" and "Cat's Don't Drink Beer". Tempo shifts, gang-based backing vocals, roughened production, and a ton of energy is what makes "Gloucester Del Sol" an enjoyable record, but my favorite aspect is the almost polished, high-pitch sound exhibited by their lead guitar. It's almost playful (think Damiera style) with an inclination towards math rock bands, except at breakneck speed of course, and it works quite well. That's about all I can say for a three track EP, which upholds the high standard from their previous EP, but now it's definitely time for a full length's worth of songs for the next release, so we can properly judge how these guys match to the genre greats.


Download: Super Nintendo Charmers, Cat's Dont Drink Beer
For the fans of: Lifetime, Shook Ones, Dolarhyde, Go Rydell
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 04.04.2012

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