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Reign Supreme

Written by: AZ on 11/07/2012 17:06:45

Tech-death is a genre meant for a very specific crowd. I'm talking about people who find regular headbanging boring i.e. they sleep at tempos slower than 200 bpm, prefer the drummer to be a machine or a creature with at least 6 testicles, or find gurgling sounds more appropriate than singing and screaming. If these characteristics overlap with your perception of metal music sit back, get your “brainwash” mode on and continue with this review.

Everybody in metal knows Dying Fetus. If you don't – go do your homework. We're talking about straightforward music that makes zero compromise as far as technicality goes no matter which gear the 1000 ton truck this band represents is going on. John Gallagher(guitars and vocals), Sean Beasley(bass and vocals) and Trey Williams(drums) are a compact and tight death metal unit that doesn't go out of the scope of this severing music. The cult towards the blood lust giant that the band has been building over the years can be found in their latest release called “Reign Supreme”.

The Maryland pioneers come in 2012 with a new effort – a creation that will surely stand the test of time in the waves of modern technical death metal. “Reign Supreme” is simply a heavy-weight contender for this year's award for neck-braking grooves and eye-poking blast beats with the speed of light. It's main characteristics - fast, groovy, catchy at times and perfect for a brutal mosh/circle pit action. Executing flashy guitar chops, endless double-bass thrills while describing the typical for the death metal scene zombie-corpse-blood-gore picture, Dying Fetus are melting the face of every innocent bystander that dared click play to songs like “Dissidence” and “In The Trenches”. The feel that I get when listening to the songs on the record is as if I'm playing one of those Post-Apocalyptic games – say Prototype. You know, you're surrounded by a good amount of zombies that must be turned to a red liquid and you can stomp the sh*t out of them with every subject that you get your hands on.

“Reign Supreme” is a must for every fan of this music genre. It is also a good example of what extreme metal can offer to the listener nowadays. So don't stand there – go get it along with one extra head – you'll need it!


Download: Subjected To A Beating, Second Skin, Dissidence
For The Fans Of: Misery Index, Dyscarnate, Suffocation, Nile
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Release Date 19.06.2012
Relapse Records

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