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Aside from their crappy name, Firefalldown from London have some serious problems of coherency on their debut album "These Wounds". It's designed to be a funky alternative rock record with a clear rock'n'roll swagger to it - kind of like how Alien Ant Farm and the one-hit wonders Stereomud sound(ed) like, but their lack of focus hinders an otherwise promising expression by offering sounds and tunes from a ridiculous amount of genres at once over the course of 14 albums (and one acoustic re-rendition of a track).

On one hand, you have tunes from dark punk rock that recalls how AFI sounded like post-"Sing The Sorrow", which kick off the album in a weird punk rock kind of energy that's mixed with the funk rock the band's going for. Then you have a song like "Eternally", which essentially fuses together 90s output by Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers (albeit seamlessly), which characterizes the mid-point of the album and the songs that surround it. Then later you're treated to a strange throwback to early 2000s nu-metal scene on "Logic & Fallacy", which really sounds like Drowning Pool and Disturbed. The incubus references then return again but this time to their own nu-metal attempt on "S.C.I.E.N.C.E". Basically, a messy, incoherent, an all-over-the-place type of sound spread over 14 songs.

The thing is, no matter what the style, Firefalldown are actually pretty good at what they do. The songs are always either catchy or groovy to attain your interest, but they fail to deliver a red thread when the listener's attention span is thrown from left to right to front to back with all the stylistic changes going on song by song. Overall, you can probably dub it funk rock or alternative rock, but for their next album Firefalldown really need to narrow down what it is they really want to do before they'll make an impact, because among the tracks present there are some real gems like the title track, for instance, that could help push this band into the knowledge of the wider mainstream audience.

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For the fans of: Stereomud, AFI, Alien Ant Farm, Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Release date 21.05.2012
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