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The Lollies are a fairly straight forward punk rock band from New Orleans who channel the biggest bands of the genre into their sound on their debut album "Potential". Most audible of that group are NOFX, whose snotty and loosely played melodies are referenced on more than just a couple of occasions during the record, specifically their "War On Errorism"-era when the slightly tighter form of skate punk was just starting to take over their sound, although throwbacks to the "Punk In Drublic" era exist as well. Plenty of chorus melodies sound a lot like they could've been b-sides to that record, sometimes even like they could've been included on the album, which says a lot about how good Lollies can be when they are at their very best.

Interestingly enough, the band has another, more hardcore-rooted side to them that reminds me of Leftöver Crack, Star Fucking Hipsters, etc, one which consists mostly of harsh screaming and down-tuned instrumentation instead of the melodic skate punk guitars and rollicking bass lines of their other material. It adds some variation, sure, but the band's strengths are in songs like "Popsicle Stand", and the street punk-ish "Don't Trust Anyone" because of the catchy choruses delivered in NOFX style. "Prey" might be the most NOFX sounding song on the record, which mimics the band in pretty much every department imaginable. So originality isn't necessarily the point of this record, but nor does it have to be. The Lollies do enough things differently to avoid being a clone band like Nicotine or Hit The Switch in particular, so they rather emulate the sound rather than copy it, and take inspiration from it. That's good, but more identity is needed before The Lollies can fight in the big leagues. For now, they're just a NOFX-sounding band who writes pretty catchy and good songs.


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Release date 01.10.2011
Community Records

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