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Written by: TL on 27/12/2006 00:47:57

New years eve is coming straight for us, and life is quickly leaving the year 2006. With all but a few of this years reviews done, I'm trying to make room in my schedule for a round of releases we didn't manage to cover in the first run. One of such album is the debut full length from screamo/fashioncore outfit Drop Dead, Gorgeous, and if I was in a real hurry I could review it pretty much by simply stating the following: If you're into screamo and relentless breakdowns, this is, save Underoath's Define The Great Line, the one record from 2006 you HAVE to own. If not, don't even bother.

It's sounds pretty judgmental, but this description does get you a long way towards understanding what "In Vogue" sounds like. Did you ever listen to an emo/screamo band and feel like you were actually not really listening to the quiet part? Like you were rather just enduring them, waiting for that blissful second, where it's all torn apart and the sweet vocals turn into hysterical reckless screaming? Well that's what this band sounds like 90% of the time. Every single track is simply one long line of breakdown-destruction and screaming as ferocious as you've ever heard it, and personally, I think it's fuckin' awesome. Utilizing this formula is risky business, seeing as how diversity might suffer, and especially how all thoughts of catchiness are in grave danger of going up in smoke. Drop Dead solves this by inserting extremely short lines of super-catchy vocal choirs here and there, just giving your mind something to cling to, before they resume the continuous screamo-bombardment.

Getting away with this in one song alone is definitely risky business at least though. That's why it's pretty fuckin' impressive that these guys more or less do it throughout an entire album. All songs are so alike, that it would make any fan of experimentation nauseous, and yet they all got identity and quality. Picking one out and telling you its qualities is impossible. This is like one big screamo cake. Every bite will taste the same, but if you like it, you're still gonna want to stuff your face with the whole thing. Our scribe KS pointed out to me, that it might be a little bit too much "WRAARRRHH" for the sake of nothing but "WRAAAARRHHing", a perception that might be true, but if you don't mind having a "WRAARRHH"-flavored cake, then don't even think about not treating yourself to "In Vogue". "WRAARRHHing" doesn't come purer nor much better than here.


Download: Dressed For Friend Requests, E.R., Daniel Where's The Boat?, The Show Must Go On
For the fans of: Grace Gale, Underoath (They're Only Chasing Safety-era)
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Release Date 05.05.2006
Rise Records

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