Bury The Hatchet

It Was Never Enough EP

Written by: VM on 26/06/2012 20:27:23

The second release from the young, British five piece Bury The Hatchet opens with a brooding instrumental of gentle piano music set against a backdrop of subtle strings which merges into second track “But Still We Keep Moving” with its strong, almost epic sounding intro. The promise the first thirty seconds of this song makes is unfulfilled as “It Was Never Enough”, suffering from some below average recording quality, quickly descends into dull rumblings of laboured riffs and over exerted vocals. Track three “Protest” is a more up tempo metalcore display, featuring some awkward musicianship and breakdowns that present a gradual build up only to lead us nowhere. “Protest” presents a journey without a destination. Track four “0411” suffers much the same fate; it’s badly constructed with singer Ray Hughes’ vocals appearing strained throughout. His voice doesn’t have the depth to execute the stylish metal sound of the bands Bury The Hatchet are attempting to emulate. The album closes with “Broken Soul” perhaps the strongest song on the E.P. - one which is undoubtedly going to get the kids two stepping at gigs and seems to have more imagination behind it than the preceding tracks.

Overall “But Still We Keep Moving” is an album of suffused with all too familiar riffs and poor production which isn’t attempting to push any boundaries and showcases nothing that the British metal scene isn’t already saturated with.


Download: Broken Soul
For The Fans Of: Architects, Lamb Of God, Protest The Hero
Listen: facebook.com/burythehatchet

Release Date 23.07.2012

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