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How to approach reviewing Intronaut's debut album "Void"? I'm not entirely sure, because I could spend the whole review discussing the instrumental complexities and chord progressions on "Teledildonics", or use a few paragraphs discussing the overwhelmingly great musicianship across the record as a whole, or just make a flat-out comparison to Mastodon and slash the ground from underneath them by simply stating that the behemoth known as Intronaut wipes the ground below Mastodon's post-metallic rage.

Whichever route chosen, not one of them would do enough justice to the most complicated and most rewarding record of this year. To truly understand "Void" it would take months and months of listening time, and I can't cheat that much time off of reviewing this because Intronaut cries out to be heard by all metal fans around the globe. There is Mastodon-like progression embedded within the massively vulgar and raging riff patterns, that explode into jazz-jamming sessions without prior warning, and just as you thought the next ludicrously ear-pleasing note would make its way through your earlobe, vocalist Sacha Dunable bursts into another fierce set of growls and screams, guaranteed to make you impressed over their oganic nature.

The album is characterized by its endless instrumental sessions filled with samples and sound effects. The time signatures often change abruptly and the riffing seems to be off-timed in the best Meshuggah way, and the robust chord progressions are out of place - and yet all of it sounds one hundred percent thought out. Every riff, every note, and every sound of the five to seven minute tracks is so perfectly placed you could not imagine it being there, but even that doesn't properly describe the kind of complexities that are within the album.

"Void" is the kind of record that dazzles reviewers and confuses listeners. The complexity of it all is impossible to put in words, it has to be experienced to believe it. It's the kind of album that'll suck you right into it for months to come, and once you've finally understood what the hell the band is attempting to do here you'll be looking at it's awe-inspiring arrangements in a different light, and you'll find it the most rewarding musical piece this year. The album that takes the longest to grow this year? Without a doubt "Void".


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For the fans of: Mastodon, Between The Buried And Me
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Release date 20.11.2006
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