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Howling Hour EP

Written by: PP on 22/06/2012 05:52:13

Punk rock is a difficult genre to fuck up given its simplicity, so even the average bands in the genre tend to be at least decent as long as you don't mind a three chords approach to the guitars and predictable chorus structures. The problem is, when you've got nothing else to offer than the basics of the genre, that is, none of the grit, honesty, passion, character, or melodies to die for, you're destined to disappear into the grey mass of thousands upon thousands of three chord punk bands that listened to Bouncing Souls records while growing up.

That is the fate with Howling Hour's self-titled EP, which delivers a clean, predictable punk rock expression at its most generic and unpalatable form. "It's Too Late" and "Howling Hour" have okay melodies, but as a whole the six track EP suffers from almost complete lack of identity and character, and what's worse, it doesn't even sound like a clone band per se. Aside from the obvious Bouncing Souls influence - and it's nothing more than an influence I might add - Howling Hour don't really sound like anybody, nor do they sound like themselves. The six tracks pass by without making an impression on the listener, albeit without offending the ears of the bystanders either. It's so stereotypical modern punk rock (lets pick up instruments, learn how to play a few chords, and fire away) it hurts.

Download: Howling Hour, It's Too Late
For the fans of: Three chord punk in the vein of Bouncing Souls, etc
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Release date 13.10.2011

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