It's Better Late Than Never

Written by: PP on 20/06/2012 21:57:22

Pop punkers Handguns are gearing up to release their first proper full length later this year after a series of successful, fan-acclaimed EPs, which they've put together here on a single full-length for all the Japanese people to enjoy. That's right, for some reason this record is only released in Japan as far as I can tell, mostly because everyone else already owns the EPs and therefore there's no point in buying them again compiled on a single record. If, however, you don't already own all three EPs by Handguns, then "It's Better Late Than Never" is an excellent way to get introduced to a band on the verge of a breakthrough in the States the moment their debut album lands later this year, assuming of course that the quality hasn't deteriorated from the EPs.

So why are they on the verge of a breakthrough? It's simple, really. They play their pop punk in a raw, old school manner that references mostly New Found Glory, but also adds in newer, pop-hardcore oriented elements from bands like With The Punches, Fireworks, Set Your Goals, Same As Sunday and others like them. The resulting sound is a bouncy, hyper-energetic pop punk expression that's designed for the summer months given its bright guitars and infectiously catchy choruses. "Two Weeks", "Scream Goodbye", "Best Excuse", and other tracks like them are the reason why hype is building up prior to the release of the full-length, because they represent some of the best songs the pop-hardcore scene has put out since With The Punches and Set Your Goals released their best material.

Granted, the nasal vocals can get a little annoying over the course of 17 tracks, and the material can be a little hit-and-miss because it consists of all songs from all the EPs and splits instead of just the highlights from them, but overall Handguns lay out a good case here why we should all be excited for their upcoming record. If bands like Fireworks and New Found Glory rank high up on your list, this is a must get, but you probably already own the EPs so take it just as a reminder to stay alert this fall. Everyone else, ignore the 'meh' tracks on the record, because there's more than a fair share of pop-hardcore hits here for you to check out.


Download: Two Weeks, Scream Goodbye, Best Excuse
For the fans of: New Found Glory, Same As Sunday, Set Your Goals, With The Punches, Fireworks, The Wonder Years
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 11.02.2012
Ice Grill$ Records

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