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Time Of Transition

Written by: PP on 20/06/2012 21:24:07

Since we're on the topic of pop rock today, lets continue with Copenhagen's very own Searing Solace, who've previously played shows with A Road To Damascus and Silence Of September. Those bands should already give you a hint of what Searing Solace sounds like on their debut album "Time Of Transition", but in case they don't, imagine your typical pop rock sound with a polished clean singer and run-of-the-mill instrumentals, all geared up to create a light, almost floaty soundscape overall. On top of that, Searing Solace have for some reason decided to integrate some 70s/80s classic pop/rock influence in places, most audible in the guitar riffs that on occasion rise above the power pop sound that the songs otherwise possess.

It's certainly an unexpected element to throw in, and I'm not sure if it fits as well with the music as they hoped. During many of these sequences, the guitars stick out to the listener and break the soft, fluffy atmosphere somewhat (think Brandtson or even Hellogoodbye here). It quickly becomes clear that the band are at their best on songs like "Will I Be There" and "Do You Dare", which go all out on light power pop, and are as catchy as the plague in the process. The latter even includes some sexy saxophone for good measure. Then you have a track like "Chaos Or Control" that channels mainstream indie rock bands into their (still very pop rock) sound, bringing into mind the likes of The Killers and others just like them. This is the direction that Searing Solace should pursue, while perhaps adding a little bit of edge and character to their sound. Right now it can feel a little bit too soft and light, almost childish in places, so turning down that particular production knob a notch wouldn't hurt, while trying to steer away from the classic pop/rock of the 70s/80s... I mean if your melody brings into mind ABBA sometimes, you're clearly a few decades late.

The good news is that it's only a minor gripe with what is otherwise a solid debut album from an aspiring pop/rock band. It might not be as impactful as A Road To Damascus' debut, but Searing Solace demonstrate throughout "Time Of Transition" that they have nailed the art of writing a memorable pop chorus. Once they develop their identity further, they could start rising up the Danish ranks quickly, especially given the radio potential that many of their songs carry.


Download: Will I Be There, Do You Dare, Chaos Or Control
For the fans of: A Road To Damascus, Dormlife, The Killers, Breaching Vista
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Release date 27.01.2012

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