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Written by: PP on 20/06/2012 21:00:13

For anyone in doubt that pop rock can't possibly sound good and be worthy of your attention, you need to check out "Vera City", the sophomore album by the Canadian rock band Breaching Vista. Their interpretation of the stale and tired radio-friendly pop rock genre is like a breath of fresh air precisely because it feels like the opposite of all the garbage you tend to hear on the radio: even though their expression isn't necessarily original, it is played with more energy and more convincingly than all the modern Cartel's and Hit The Lights' put together. The resulting sound is one that carries all the tell-tale signs of an 'epic' sounding release, but without the pitfalls of sounding over-ambitious or like the rocket ship has long since left the earth (read: Muse's modern material).

In short, Breaching Vista write big, hook-laden pop rock anthems while keeping their feet in the ground. In many ways, they resemble our local pop rock ensemble A Road To Damascus, just minus the occasional screams and heavy sections, and plus influence from Simple Plan's new material and Hedley as well. A song like "Nervous" has enormous chart hit potential with its infectious chorus that's built up through a quiet verse, a perfect bridge, and great clean vocals, but the same could be said about pretty much any track on "Vera City". They even throw in some Jimmy Eat World influence for good measure, such as on "Give Me A Reason" which has a distinct "Bleed American" vibe to it.

The biggest strength of Breaching Vista though is undoubtedly their vocalist's ability to transform his voice from quiet, relaxed verses into halfway explosive choruses that are filled with catchy hooks and arena potential. It's surprising that a band as small as them are able to write such big, spacious songs, capable fo filling huge concert halls, but that just speaks volumes about the talent this band possesses. If they can continue to write songs like "Sleep", "Nervous" and others on this record, you shouldn't be surprised to start hearing them on your local radio stations across North America.

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For the fans of: A Road To Damascus, Hedley, Simple Plan, Hit The Lights
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Release date 03.05.2012
Bright Side Records

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