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Written by: PP on 12/06/2012 06:11:57

Humaana from Massachusetts a bit of a strange signing by Panic Records, whose roster mostly consists of punk/hardcore bands, but I guess they heard some of the same good tunes that are on their latest EP "Comfort" and were convinced, just as I was. Imagine yourself to be in a sound triangle where each vertice represents a band, those three bands being Foals, Minus The Bear, and +44. Basically, a mathy indie rock band with a knack for smooching choruses that linger around the atmosphere softly and lightly, just like the instrumentation.

In fact just about everything on "Comfort" EP feels light and floaty, like a lonely white cloud traversing an otherwise blue sky without any destination in particular. Take a song like "Live Like The Sixties", which channels this exact light vibe, while processing Foals' debut album together with the sexy indie rock of Minus The bear. Mathy guitars, slightly pretentious vocals, yeah, you get the point. A few of the songs will also feel familiar to +44 fans, particularly the lighter (notice the recurrence of this word) and slower tracks from them, especially during the chorus of "Passing Parade", but for the most part this is the best intersection of Foals and Minus The bear I've encountered to date.

It's also pretty good. "Comfort" is short and sweet, and feels almost shy at times because of how quiet it is, but somehow it manages to sound catchy and intriguing enough, thanks to the intricate guitar work. In a nutshell, the EP is like the shy and introverted character in your school classroom that you always neglected to talk to, but eventually discovered how interesting s/he was once you ended up talking for some reason years later.


Download: Live Like The Sixties, Stay Alone
For the fans of: Foals, Minus The Bear
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 28.02.2012
Panic Records

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