Maps Of Revenge And Forgiveness

Written by: PP on 10/06/2012 14:20:43

Despite the stratospheric success of Muse in recent years, few bands have attempted to clone their sound for some reason. Sheffield based inFictions are one of those rare units brave enough to try to rival Matthew Bellamy's genius in songwriting on their debut album "Maps Of Revenge & Forgiveness". Not only does their singer share an uncanny resemblance to Bellamy in his most epic, high-pitched moments, but the band's approach to progressive rock is also juxtaposed against alternative rock in the same manner as Muse.

In practice, the songs are long-winded and enriched by small, intricate detail, whether in the form of colossal tremolo riff creating that sense of 'epic' I talked about before, soft violins on the background, or quiet, classical piano providing ambience. But although progressive by nature, the pop element hasn't been forgotten so this isn't your show of crazy instrumentation as much as it is an exemplary showcase of how to construct intelligent, meaningful alternative rock songs that take more than a few listens to sink in properly. Yes, these songs are certainly growers, because despite the soothing clean vocals providing memorable moments throughout the album, they never quite reach deeply enough into the pop element to be called words like 'catchy' or 'infectious'. Instead, the songs are designed for people to marvel at the beauty of the detail and the way they are constructed as progressive rock tracks above anything else. If the band sounds like Muse in the process, all the better right?

But if there's one thing that inFictions are lacking it's that their songs are merely epic, piano-led pieces of sonic beauty, but never really have the same captivating and awe-inspiring effect as the best Muse songs out there. Now, that doesn't mean that this record is bad by any means, just different. inFictions are remarkably more prog rock than Muse have ever been, so keep than in mind when checking out "Maps Of Revenge And Forgiveness", even if the parallel is otherwise nearly impossible to deny. It also means it is a solid record, but not an outstanding one, because there are moments where the band drown in their own limitless ambition.


Download: This Road Leads To The Village Of Informers, Frozen River, Line Drawings
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Release date 20.02.2012

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