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Pastime EP

Written by: AZ on 09/06/2012 00:24:19

Metalcore is genre that is being redefined nowadays in various ways. Depending on whether a band leans more to the metal or to the core, they start to delve into new sub-genres that tweak the average amount of breakdowns, skank-beats and so forth. The band examined here represents a nice concoction of modern metalcore and traditional hardcore without the usual overdose of down tuned two-riff chugging.

I present to you Create Avoid – a four-member band from Riverside, CA - and their latest release – "Pastime". For all of you out there seeking first a comparison between bands – this is your new Parkway Drive - literally. The guys have been listening a lot to the Byron Bay quintet, because they carry the same intensity and melodic brutality in their music. There are even times that I needed to double-check whether I didn't put Foobar on shuffle and accidentally landed on the Australians. I should also add that some passages resemble very much something that Jamey Jasta and Hatebreed could come up with.

The four-track EP is a true effort towards a well established and firm base. And although that base has already been laid by numerous bands, the tracks here sound sincere and full of life. It feels like a homecoming; that nice warm feeling that you get in your stomach which tells you - “I know everything here and I love it”. The music is solid: it caters to a non-stop circle pit, with many nice melodic ideas incorporated into high-tempo songs. Two-step moments with gang vocals are a must when performing live in order to get the crowd's attention and to rally them around vocalist Mike Alsaybar, so naturally there are lots of those on offer as well. Couple that with solid production, and what you have in "Pastime" is a very decent release. My only qualm with it is the abundance of copy/paste moments. It is catchy and of a participatory nature in the live setting, but Create Avoid need to rethink their approach somewhat if they intend to continue looking for ideas in their big brothers' notebook every once in a while.

As such, "Pastime" is not gem in the sands of all the metal and hardcore tides that drown us daily. Nor is it the greatest achievement by Create Avoid. It is just a sacrament executed in a straight-forward and honest manner - exactly as it is supposed to be. Check them out!


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For The Fans Of: No Bragging Rights, Ace Augustine, Parkway Drive
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Release Date 22.05.2012
Pure Noise Records

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