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Archers And Arrows EP

Written by: TL on 08/06/2012 14:18:56

It's not secret that is outmanned and outgunned by the scores of bands that ask us to review their records on a daily basis, and that as a consequence, quite a few of our reviews arrive quite a bit behind schedule. This one however - the self-titled debut EP by Swiss punk rock quartet Archers And Arrows - really takes the cake for being late to the party, because when it was sent to us for review back in February it had already been out for two full years. So why am I even bothering to write about it? Well, I guess it must be because I've liked it more than a lot of other stuff that get sent our way, right?

Then it is pretty hard, making music that is anything but likeable, when you go for the sort of raw, melodic punk rock that PP and myself often praise so very much in these pages, and if you're like us and you've fallen for the Red City Radio's, The Menzingers' and The Lawrence Arms' of recent years, then you're likely to also be down with "Archers And Arrows EP", which sees its parent band provide the listener with pretty much the same style, with the lone difference being the slightly different tint that comes with being from continental Europe rather than mid-west America and having the accent to prove it.

The five track EP starts out on an energetic and relatively bright note, with up-beat tempo and electrifying riffs and vocal melodies driving "It's So Cool, We Will All Die Together", and the scratched howls that sing these suit the warm, fuzzy instrumentals like a glove, just like the backing choirs come in to a predictable but enjoyable effect. "The Support" continues along the same lines before giving way to "Swan Song", which sees the band take the foot off the gas and explore a more sentimental, melancholic approach which is very Menzingers-ish and which casts them in just as positive a light as their faster songs did. Punk rockers scared that things might get too sappy have little cause to worry however, as the remaining songs "Truncated Humanism" and "The Young Carpetbaggers" quickly step the pace back up.

"Archers And Arrows EP" is a quick listen, and a good one for a debut EP, primarily because it perfectly captures the energy of its genre, and manages to show via the centrepiece "Swan Song" that the band has talent both for writing straight up energetic punk rockers, and more emotive, contemplative slower songs. When it hasn't exactly blown the band up all over the map, I expect it has to do with Archers And Arrows not quite having established a sound that's easily distinguished from their influences. That and the fact that the singing is of the slurred kind that makes it hard to hear and memorise lyrics, and an improvement in this much overseen area could probably do a great deal to help the band's songs make more lasting impressions. Those small complaints aside, this is a good little listen for anyone who loves the genre as much as we tend to.


Download: Swan Song; It's So Cool, We Will All Die Together
For The Fans Of: Red City Radio, The Menzingers, The Lawrence Arms, Make Do And Mend

Release Date 21.02.2010

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