Watching The Sun Turn Pitch Black EP

Written by: AP on 07/06/2012 22:33:03

Cedron hail from Söderhamn, a restive coastal town with a dwindling population a few hundred kilometers north of Stockholm. It is important to understand the context from which the band rose in order to appreciate the crushing despondency that reigns over their debut EP, "Watching the Sun Turn Pitch Black". Discussing themes of consumption, decay and ignorance and speaking in favor of those without a voice, "Rumours" rolls in with the emotional weight of a bastardized Bring Me the Horizon circa "Suicide Season" and the burning intensity of Yersinia, a violently flailing rhythm section laying the groundwork for doleful legato melodies brimming with reverb.

What follows is no more forgiving, and engulfs the listener in cries of anger, urgency and disbelief reminiscent at times of Architects and While She Sleeps at their absolute heaviest and darkest, particularly on the brilliant "Still Growing", and bowing at times to the wave movement as in the haunting spoken word of "Goodnight Luna". But while Cedron are keen to brandish their metal, hardcore and post-rock influences, the lengths to which they have gone to shroud each song in perpetual sorrow and torment affords them a unique identity. Although even the darkest corners of the genres have been thoroughly mined by others, it isn't often that one crosses paths with a band with such regard for the crucial importance of atmosphere in music.

Even better, Cedron manage to combine the best of both worlds, as evident on the fearsome closing piece "Wither Away", injecting precisely enough bass, chug and breakdowns to give their music a crushing depth beneath the lingering melodies. When the final, anguished screams of "we will all wither away" fade out, one is left with a pressing need for more - a sure sign of success in my book. What you have here might just be one of the most exciting bands simmering in the Swedish underground right now, and you'd do well to check them out.


Download: Rumours, Still Growing, Goodnight Luna, Wither Away
For the fans of: Bring Me the Horizon, While She Sleeps, Yersinia
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Release date 07.05.2012

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