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Submission For Liberty

Written by: PP on 31/05/2012 03:22:10

4 Arm are perhaps the quintessential example that if you stick to your genre rulebook faithfully enough, good things will come out of it. This Melbourne bunch used to explore groove metal in the past, but on their latest album "Submission For Liberty" they're fully focused on straight up thrash metal according to the rules and limits set by the 80s legends in the genre: basically they take up old Metallica and Slayer, and apply their influence through their own, almost non-existent filter along the way.

Much like our local heroes Essence, 4 Arm deliver their thrash metal assault in a tight manner, executed in a way that's both urgent and convincing instead of yet another rehash or a style that's been long out of fashion. So don't expect a revivalist thrash band like Gama Bomb or the supremely fun crossover of Municipal Waste, 4 Arm are instead about relishing the lip-drooling riffs and the solo-oriented past of thrash metal in the 80s, without really sounding too dated in the process.

The truth is, if you like thrash metal you probably haven't moved on much since the golden days of the era. Yet most modern bands sound too superficial or overproduced to match the "Reign In Blood" or "Master Of Puppets" of the old days. This is where 4 Arm comes pretty close: they repeat what's been done in the past in a convincing manner, giving a finger to originality and innovation while taking in credit for a convincing and energetic thrash metal assault in the process.


Download: Submission For Liberty, Raise A Fist
For the fans of: early Metallica, Essence, Testament,
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Release date 24.02.2012
Rising Records

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