Hang The Bastard

Hang The Bastard EP

Written by: PP on 31/05/2012 02:24:33

Hang The Bastard has been on the lips of every underground British hardcore fan for a few years now, which culminated into an aggressive performance at Hevy Fest last year, the festival that pretty much featured the cream of British hardcore on one way or the other. Based on their self-titled EP, however, it's difficult to understand just why this band is as hyped as they are over there, considering it's a fairly standard and unsurprising combination of hardcore and sludge that rarely captures the attention of its listener.

It's almost as if our local heroes Rising decided to scratch their catchy songwriting in favour of a more groove-laden, in a way southern hardcore infused instrumentation that borrows from sludge metal for no other reason than to sound heavy and, err, sludgy. I saw these guys live last year and the EP pretty much reflects my initial observations about the band: they are all about a crowd response and live energy, the music just isn't interesting enough to appeal otherwise, at least based on this EP. Sub-standard metalcore meeting groovy elements and sludge metal does not a good song make, apparently. What the hype is all about this band, I simply cannot understand. P.S. the vocalist is no longer a part of this band.


Download: Interplanetary Portals
For the fans of: Rising, sludgy hardcore
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Release date 02.03.2012
Thirty Days Of Night Records

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