Brothers & The Night Horse

Conversations EP

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Brothers & The Night Horse are a Danish ambient metalcore band that features Kasper Thomsen on vocals, who you might recognize as the singer for Denmark's finest modern metal band Raunchy. This band is his attempt in deviating from his usual pop-metal delivery into something different, and indeed "Conversations" EP pushes him and the rest of the band far away from the modern metal of his primary band and into something different altogether.

The closest comparisons to Brothers & The Night Horse come from two very different spectrums. On a song like "Street Tattoo", they'll sound like a combination between 36 Crazyfists and Deftones, complete with a haunted clean vocal croon during the chorus that recalls Chino Moreno, as well as a harsh scream/bark that's not too far off Brock from 36 Crazyfists. Then on the other hand, the band explores a tight metalcore sound that reminds its listener first and foremost of Architects on "Hollow Crown", the opening track "I'm Still Here" being the prime example. It is here that Kasper channels Sam Carter's slightly monotonous metalcore shriek to its best advantage while the rest of the band focuses on strong, metalcore-induced melodies in the meantime.

While it isn't terribly original, Brothers & The Night Horse demonstrate throughout that this is a band that knows their instruments and that they are able to write coherent songs that deviate from the typical Danish metal formula into something more modern and more relevant. The problem is that they don't exactly know if they would rather write Deftones-esque ambient, hard rock/nu-metal oriented atmospheric pieces of the more direct, in-your-face metalcore of Architects (or Bring Me The Horizon for that matter). The fact is that the band are good at both - so it remains a question mark which direction they should take now.


Download: I'm Still Here, Priestess, Street Tattoo
For the fans of: Architects, Raunchy, Deftones, 36 Crazyfists
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Release date July 2011

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