Every Day I Tell Myself That I'm Going To Be A Better Person

Written by: TL on 28/05/2012 17:05:29

For my next article, here's a look at my favourite album of the past 1½ weeks and - unless we get really spoiled at some point during the coming months - the essential pop-punk album of the summer. The album is "Every Day I Tell Myself I'm Going To Be A Better Person" by Misser, which is a side-project consisting of Transit singer/guitarist Tim Landers and This Time Next Year singer/guitarist Brad Wiseman, yet while you can hear traces of the same influences in Misser, the music on ".. Better Person" actually sounds more like a mix of Man Overboard, New Found Glory, Third Eye Blind and "Your Favourite Weapon"-era Brand New.

Intro "Permanently" certainly gets going in a moody way that you can't say you couldn't just as easily have heard on a Brand New record, but then as soon as the opener proper, "Time Capsules", comes around, it becomes clear that Misser have plans for us that are mostly more lively and up-beat. Mixing the sentimental, bittersweet lyrics and dual-vocals from emo, with the instrumental sound of light pop-punk and the songwriting efficiency of pop, the combination sought might not be strikingly original, but then few bands have tried at it and balanced the ingredients as expertly and convincingly as Misser have.

The first song you'll really notice then, will likely be "I'm Really Starting To Hope The World Ends In 2012", a bitter-yet-ironic (at least halfway intentionally I'm guessing) pop rocker about hating reality TV and the mainstream music on the radio. It's easily the hit of the record, and the song that will initially have you coming back for more listens, combining with "Time Capsules" to demonstrate just how devilishly catchy Misser have it in them to be. The latter stands out however, for its slightly more personal content matter, as does a later highlight such as the more angry "Reconnect This", while other numbers like "Just Say It" and "Weightless" provide the tasty guitar riffs that are the reason for my comparing Misser to Third Eye Blind.

As touched on earlier, "... Better Person" isn't a revolution in sound as much as it is just an excellent take on what you can do combining pseudo-bitter singing with happy melodies, and I think it should go down a treat with fans of everything from older pop-punk (like New Found Glory, Blink 182 and Third Eye Blind), over revivalist pop-punk (Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, Living With Lions) to emo (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, The Jealous Sound). The sound is just that immediately endearing, and the decent-to-great ratio of songs is tilted enough toward the latter end of the scale to make me feel that I've actually enjoyed "... Better Person" more than any album by either of Landers' or Wiseman's main bands. So like I said, if you're a pop-punk fan this is pretty much an essential album for this summer, and even if you're not, it's a good enough record overall that it might have something for you to like regardless.


Download: I'm Really Starting To Hope The World Ends In 2012, Time Capsule, Just Say It, Reconnect This, Weightless
For The Fans Of: Man Overboard, Transit, This Time Next Year, "Your Favourite Weapon"-era Brand New, Third Eye Blind, New Found Glory
Listen: facebook.com/Missermusic

Release Date 15.05.2012
Rise Records

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