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Self/Doubt EP

Written by: PP on 24/05/2012 02:54:01

After all the deathcore and metalcore releases from Rite Of Passage / Mediaskare records, this record took me by complete surprise, as I wasn't aware the labels had also invested into melodic hardcore / melodic punk bands like The Sheds. "Self/Doubt" EP is basically a technical hardcore punk record that delves heavily into the melodic side of the genre, but also borrows from ska occasionally. The band itself has actually proclaimed themselves as a "post skacore" band, which is a natural tag considering how a song like "Heart" sounds like a harder version of Catch 22's "Permanent Revolution" or RX Bandits' "...And The Battle Begun" albums, just without the horn instruments.

But for the most part, The Sheds engage in tight technical instrumentation that recalls A Wilhelm Scream in places, and other technically oriented melodic hardcore bands elsewhere. There are a few strong melodies present on the disc, but it is quite clear that The Sheds aren't fighting for the top spots in the league throughout the CD, which isn't to say that a song like "Namesake" isn't good for its slight skate punk vibes, but just that it doesn't make the listener go 'wow, press repeat please'.

The ska inclusion is both unpredictable and interesting, and is something the band should explore in more detail. While the melodic hardcore passages are intense, it's the more ska-oriented songs, like "Heart", which make the band shine. More of these on the next records please.

Download: Heart, Self Doubt
For the fans of: Catch 22, RX Bandits, A Wilhelm Scream
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Release date 13.03.2012
Rite of Passage/Mediaskare

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