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Iscariot EP

Written by: PP on 24/05/2012 01:35:10

From the murky realms of London, UK arrives Cult Cinema, an experimental hardcore/metalcore fusion that many reviewers love to associate with black metal just because they toy with depressive atmospheres every now and then. Don't believe them. There's nothing black metal about Cult Cinema, this is everything to do with the -core genres--even mathcore peeks its complex and slightly deformed face from around the corner on occasion--albeit with an experimental and avant-garde take on the often stigmatized style.

"Iscariot EP" is their debut offering, and it certainly has its impressive moments. It takes elements of ambient metalcore and atmospheric hardcore, and merges these with post-rock and original screamo ideas to form a chaotic and unpredictable soundscape that interjects beauty with ugly and hopeless passages in equal measure. The tracks have a mildly progressive vibe, albeit they uphold the chaos-vibe throughout by keeping a reasonable tempo. It's all a little anonymous, although interesting in its own right, that is until the last track "The Betrayer (Tomb Of The Brave)" sees the band go overboard with build ups and the use of atmospherics. It is without a doubt the best song on the EP despite lasting more than eight minutes; it brings to mind even Envy-style post-rock obsessed screamo at times. The finishing "FINALLY....FINALLY" howls are back chill inducing much in the same way as Pianos Become The Teeth's are on "I'll Get By", although the singer here doesn't drench himself in pure emotion and instead concentrates on forming a desperate and hopeless soundscape instead.

There are some really good ideas on "Iscariot", but as a whole its execution lacks somewhat. I'm just not convinced by many of the songs, which are decent but don't really stick to mind even after the 10+ listens I've given them in the hopes of cracking open a depth factor previously unnoticed. That said, if their next record is anything like "The Betrayer...", they will go far. For now, they need time and space to develop, and hopefully to explore the post-metal/rock oriented soundscapes a little more.

Download: A Distant And Disconsolate Heart, The Betrayer (Tomb Of The Brave)
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Release date 05.03.2012
Siege Of Amida

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