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Written by: TL on 23/05/2012 12:04:27

Despite the fact that the current heat wave hitting Denmark has me somewhat more eager to just lay flat in some grass, staring into the sky and soaking up the sun, instead of labouring over a keyboard, I have on this summery Wednesday worked out a compromise, dragging my laptop with me outside to tell you all of a new band I simply think you must know about. This band is Dreamer, a quintet from Florida who released a new EP called "Concord" earlier this month, and whose music sounds something like Circa Survive, Tides Of Man and Underoath combining some of their best elements.

Enter opener and EP highlight "Bloodmoney", a track that thrives on a simple yet deadly efficient dynamic. Its progressions open with verses that sound like some of the more tranquil Circa Survive moments, with singer Paul Rose laying down some excellent airy melodies - And this sounds brilliant, but what makes the song is how it smoothly-yet-suddenly climbs to a towering, punishing chorus in which the guitars sound like they want to maul you, and Rose's airy cleans turn to a scratched, half-scream the sort of which you will not have heard from many other singers than experts Anthony Green, Tillian Pearson or Jonny Craig.

Following songs "Kairos" and "Static Stars" both see the band exploring even heavier and bleaker moods, and an Underoath comparison must inevitably be made here, with the instruments giving off a similarly desperate vibe, and with Rose alternating his fine cleans with menacing screams comparable to those of UO's Spencer Chamberlain. Although these are not quite as striking songs as "Bloodmoney", both are well-endowed in the refrains department, and you will find yourself eager to both sing along and punch things when returning to them on repeat listens.

What really puts the icing on this cake however, is the closing acoustic rendition of "The Sun", which really allows Dreamer to show that they are easily as potent in a stripped down setting as they are in full band mode, and Rose again stands out with impressive delicacy and power in the different ends of his range. The song rounds of an EP that does an excellent job of introducing listeners to the various corners of Dreamer's soundscape, while leaving them with the strong impression that this sound is one that is more than ready to be scaled up to full album size. It's the kind of disc that really makes you hope that the band can get the necessary traction to get a good LP recording done, because if they do, it seems hard to believe the result can be anything but a monster.

Download: Bloodmoney, Kairos, The Sun (Acoustic)
For The Fans Of: Circa Survive, Tides Of Man, Underoath
Listen: facebook.com/Dreamerfl

Release Date 04.05.2012

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