One Cold Winter's Night

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A-M-A-Z-I-N-G is the only word you need to read & know about Kamelot's "One Cold Winter's Night". The rest of the review below is just telling you why and how amazing it is. So, if you're already a Kamelot fan or at least in the belief that Kamelot is incapable of making a bad record, then you don't really have to read the rest of the review, I can forgive you. Others, please go on.

Kamelot's first live album "The Expedition" saw daylight in 1999. It contains the tracks recorded in Germany and Greece during the band's "The Fourth Of Legacy" promotion tour. The album wasn't a disappointment (it's not really fair to use this word for any Kamelot album) but it wasn't a success either. Seven years after the first try, the band has just presented their second live album "One Cold Winter's Night".

Just like the title says, "One Cold Winter's Night" was recorded on a cold February night at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway. It's released in two versions, as a double CD and as a double DVD plus double CD, but this review is for the double CD version only.

The setlist consists of songs mostly from the latest two albums "The Black Halo" and "Epica". Compared with the studio works, "One Cold Winter's Night" has the heaviest sound you've ever heard from Kamelot to date. The guitar sound has been brought to the front and is almost duelling with vocalist Roy Khan's voice. Khan is surely the superstar of the gig though. I've been a fan of him since the minute I heard his voice for the first time and hearing him being this good live amazed me, once again underlining that he's not only a studio-musician and can also sing without a producer behind the mixing desk. But it is not only Khan who shines, though. Each and every member of Kamelot proves that they are among the most talented musicians in the music world. They managed to put all their energy, soul and heart to the songs that I can easily say much sound better live.

There are also guest appearences on stage that arouses interest: Epica's Simone Simons on the song "The Haunting" and Mari Youngblood on "Elizabeth". It would have been interesting to have Dimmu Borgir's Shagrath on stage during "The March Of Mephisto", but instead you're going to hear his voice through playback of the studio-recorded tracks.

While watching & listening to "One Cold Winter's Night", it would be very hard to control your jealousy feelings for not being a part of the audience. But every wonderful thing has at least one little faulty part, doesn't it?

Download: The Haunting, The March Of Mephisto
For the fans of: Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire
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Release date 20.11.2006
SPV Records
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