Blood In Venice

Let The Drama Begin EP

Written by: PP on 16/05/2012 05:07:04

Blood In Venice is a half Danish, half Italian outfit that features Guf from Chaoswave trying his craft at a less heavy and less progressive style, namely Muse inspired alternative rock with electronic effects/programming thrown in for good measure. "Let The Drama Begin" EP is their debut EP, and it sounds exactly how you'd expect a release by a band who previously acted as a Muse tribute band to sound like: like a Muse worship band who borrow all the best elements from Muse's music but without the required flaw or brilliance of someone like Matthew Bellamy to pull it off properly.

Indeed, listening to a song like "The Same Tuxedo" it's impossible to not recognize how much the band is stealing from Muse. Or at least trying to. Whether it's the moment where the clean vocals shift to a ridiculously high pitch or the way the chord progression works, it all screams MUSE MUSE MUSE ine very possible way. Similarly, "Day After Day"'s guitar riff is quintessential modern Muse, but at leas there the track sounds otherwise like something The Killers could've written.

The problem isn't that they sound a great deal like their obvious influences. The problem is that in comparison to who they are borrowing from, Blood In Venice sound completely amateur in their expression. That's to be expected on their first EP, of course, but they should really consider moving forward with their own style instead. While the electronic effects and programming add some identity to the band, there's still a great deal of more work to be done before it'll be worthwhile to be recommended for people outside of their local venues.


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For the fans of: Muse, The Killers
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Release date 24.02.2012

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