Deeply From The Earth

Written by: AZ on 11/05/2012 00:11:11

You know what they say about days when it's rainy and dark outside – they are ideal for reading a good book. Well to me a quality reading matter and a nice piece of music is considered almost the same so I decided to take some time off for a more thematic album that will go nicely with the mood this weather is forcing over me. I'm talking about drawing attention by building layers of musical emotions and not just a pummeling slap after slap to the ears of the audience.

If you're into Opeth's earlier material, where the music was more death than progressive or you find Gojira's scratchy guitar riffs appealing – you definitely need to check out Moonloop. With the upcoming release of "Deeply from the Earth" these Spanish conquistadors prove they have taken music as a serious business and obviously invested time to perfect their sound and composing.

Ranging from deep growls that crack the soil apart to a Satriani 'clear blue ocean waters' type of riffing with a Death-ish preciseness in between – they've got it all! Clearly trying to state something more than mere show off style of hundred notes per second, the genuine touch that the band brings to the table puts a smile on the listeners face. Just like the flow and ebb of a vast ocean on an island's shore we are presented with a wide range of tempos, expressions and intimation.

A very positive mark that Moonloop carry in their music is the lack of fear. Fear of doing something that is and is not a part of the progressive/death tech genre. Songs just flow from one another displaying crafty compositions and sturdy ideas - leading to more memorable tracks and redefinition of the word 'own' style.

The ongoing change of pace and crossover between styles can be considered as downside to this great effort. My opinion is that music is a living creature which evolves constantly – new blood must be supplied to keep the process going. And that is exactly what Moonloop are doing – continuing the search from deep within the earth.


Download: Beginning of the End, Atlantis Rising, Landscape
For The Fans Of: Opeth, Gojira
Listen: Reverbnation

Release Date 28.05.2012
Listenable Records

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