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Rot Fun Beg EP

Written by: PP on 09/05/2012 12:09:48

"Rot Fun Beg" is the sophomore EP of Columbus, Ohio based Prize The Doubt, and their second attempt at a good rating here on They dwell in the screamo/post-hardcore/metalcore territory, mostly referencing older bands and the early 2000s sound in each style rather than succumbing for the auto tune and synth obsessed modern bands from Victory or Rise Records rosters. As a result, their expression has much more space to breath and doesn't sound so mechanical and superficial, and more like a real band playing instruments making a few mistakes in the process. Just the way I like it.

The improvements on their debut EP are clear pretty much all over the board. The singers and screamers are better, the instruments are catchier, and in general the band produces an enjoyable screamo/post-hardcore sound that has some really good moments as well as some more average ones. The clean vocal driven "Cyber Punk" offers a fresher and more intriguing approach than the heard-it-all-before screamo/post-hardcore of earlier tracks. This is a track with burning ambition, and so when the heavier parts come, they stand in direct (and good) contrast with the clean vocal parts. It is here where I'm starting to believe in the potential of Prize The Doubt for the first time, really.

Their screamer sounds a tad bit like the guy from Zao with his almost metallic shriek that makes it sound like his throat isn't going to last for much beyond the tour following this EP. But that's a good thing - as it adds the element of rawness and immediacy that benefits the band immensely. "Useless Eaters" is one such track where his harsh scream works well together with the dynamic instrumentation that the band offers.

In the end, however, Prize The Doubt still have an uphill climb to meet the expectations of an extremely saturated scene where you have to better than just decent to make a living. "Rot Fun Beg" is an improvement for the band, but better songwriting is still needed to make the next step in their career.

Download: 191 Young, Cyber Punk
For the fans of: Vanna, old Alexisonfire,
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Release date 31.10.2011

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