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Written by: AZ on 09/05/2012 01:13:06

Some time ago I had the opportunity to get Rockfreaks' metal and hardcore fans acquainted with one of the finest Bulgarian bands in the genre – Vendetta. The album about to be presented continues the same intense, honest, real and heavy musical flow from the mentioned review. The release dates from the not so distant past – 2009 – when it became a modern flag amongst mosh lovers and concert ninjas with the label “beatdown” hardcore.

By shifting our focus to the six-piece band Redound, we make a leap in the middle of a brOOtal moshpit. With heroes like Shattered Realm and Irate, Sofia native noise bringers are a sight that is worth checking out on the stereo or live. Coming to the matter at hand - “Upon You” is the first full length effort that the guys come up with after a couple of splits and a change of the name.

Right from the start it is easy to spot that Redound seem to enjoy watching cinema and are not afraid to use cut scenes that carry the strong emotional load of a pre-battle or pre-ending part of a movie. Just imagine having Al Pachino make a one minute monologue that flows into a hard stomping train of blast beats and growls. The effect sends shivers down the spine! Songs like "100 demona (100 daemons)" and "Pqsuchna kula (Tower of sand)" are anthems that sound proud and strong. They simply raise your spirit and by the time drummer Alex has got the chain of double bass and cymbals rolling, you find yourself running in the circle pit full speed.

A well known fact is that unity is one of the most important things that hardcore preaches. Proving that, Redound have invited a rap group and two vocalists from other Bulgarian bands to share the mic. It also contributes to the record in general, taking it “out of the box” and into a successful mix between rap, hardcore, breakdowns, pig squeals and growls.

The problem of most records labeled “core” nowadays is that although the albums are full of aggressive, intense and heavy music, they simply lack the passion that truly is the most important ingredient of all. Keeping just the right amount of energy, confidence and musicianship, Redound manage to assemble a deadly weapon that aims at two things – make the pit bigger than it was in the last song and open the eyes of people blind to the obvious things happening in our society. Of course, the latter must be sought after in their lyrics put on display by the numerous gang vocals through out the songs and their high-low replicates – vocalists Sasho and Ivan.

Maybe you already know what hardcore is about? Maybe modern hardcore is crap? Maybe you think that “heaviness” is redefined every day? Or maybe you need to stop thinking, scroll down and click play.


Download: "100 demona (100 daemons)", "Pqsuchna kula (Tower of sand)", "Sam Sreshtu vsichki (Alone against all)"
For The Fans Of: Call For Blood, Shattered Realm, Irate
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Release Date 25.05.2009

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