Deliver Us From Evil

Written by: PP on 18/12/2006 15:47:34

Lipid left this a bit late with a November release date, but welcome to the best Danish metal album of 2006, namely their sophomore album "Deliver Us From Evil", a record full of melodic metal anecdotes and visible Bay-area thrash roots. It's usually a sign of a great album when you could write a thousand word essay about it without any trouble, and "Deliver Us From Evil" is, for me, approaching that fine line between standard and something special.

The album's opening track "He Who Hates Us All" blasts at you with a barrage of riffs so brutally heavy yet so melodic at the same time, that you're not entirely sure if you were hit by a train or a swarm of singing birds. Vocalist Soren Pedersen's aggressive vocals combine harsh yelling and screaming together, and pay homage to the modern thrash scene where bands The Haunted are currently reigning. The technical mastery on the album is shown off with complex solo-structures embedded into the severely thrashy, razorsharp riffs that assault you in the best Slayer manner, where high-octane, down-tuned riffs make you wet yourself over their complexity and sheer technical perfection. Lipid certainly pays their tributes to Slayer on tracks like the brutally assaulting, uptempo "Silent Horrors" - before hearing vocalist Soren's angry vocals you'd be damn near willing to swear you're listening to an unreleased Slayer b-side.

The production is left at next to perfect stance: It's lowly tuned, but avoids the trap of sounding like a garage recording, and the focus is on the melodic guitar passages which are both razorsharp and raw, ready to slice your ears like the sharpest samurai sword you could find. It also leaves you certain that Lipid are from Denmark, for despite their US based thrash influence and Gothenburg metal passages, you're not far off from thinking about bands like Mercenary, Raunchy or even Mnemic, as Lipid like all the aforementioned ones likes to include a sense of epicness into their atmospheric riff-passages.

You can't escape the fact that the material on "Deliver Us From Evil" is top notch all the way through. On one end you have the hyperactive songs like "A Trail Of Death", "Desecrator Of God" or "He Who Hates Us All", which are all orgasmic celebrations of light-speed, thrash-oriented riffs and solos demanding for your best air guitar moves to be brought out into daylight. On the other extreme are the slightly more medium-paced songs like "My Final Pain" and "Signal Revenge" which rely on atmospheric melodic death-influenced soundscapes rather than just sheer aggression-delivered thrash. Considering how varying these two extremes are and how Lipid is able to triumph in both extremes says something about the songwriting talent the band possesses. "Deliver Us From Evil" - where was it on this years Danish Metal Awards?


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Release date 13.11.2006
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