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Time to turn our sights into something heavier. Molotov Solution, hailing from Las Vegas, are known for their destroy-all approach to deathcore, going for a murderously heavy and unforgivingly crushing expression while, regrettably, forgetting about songwriting in the process. "Insurrection" is their third attempt at creating at least a somewhat organic and flowing deathcore album, but yet they spend the majority of their time (once again) in meaningless brutality instead of focusing on how to set themselves apart from the incredibly saturated deathcore bunch that they are competing against.

In the beginning, the naive listener might think that Molotov Solution have changed course, as the half-ambient melody in "Sin & Sacrifice" is all kinds of awesome. It has just the right contrast between the mechanical brutality, the growled vocals, and the guitar melodies to lure in unsuspecting metalcore fans and why not even deathcore fans to a near-perfect contrast between melody and deathcore hacking. If the band proceeds like this, "Insurrection" is going to be a great album, but aside from the following track "Injustice For All", the band falls into the same nonsensical standard, unoriginal deathcore as bands like Whitechapel and Impending doom in the tracks that follow. It's good for a macho-oriented burst of stereoid induced energy on one listen, but who can honestly listen to "Insurrection" for ten times in a row and still claim to enjoy the album as a whole? Half of the record is pure filler! Brutality oriented, sure, but for solid songwriting you might as well look elsewhere.

Yes, there are moments where the band tries to borrow a little from Job For A Cowboy and even Morbid Angel ("The Final Hour") in terms of the evil guitar melody to bring in the death metal influence, but too often the band is stooping low on the br00tal meter for breakdowns and technical guitar riffs that feel like they're there just for the technicality's sake. Piecing these together into meaningful and more importantly memorable passages seems to be a challange for Molotov Solution throughout. I mean, it's not like "Insurrection" is terrible, and you can make the argument for that the band are good at what they do, but is that really good enough in today's modern deathcore landscape? I don't think so.


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Release date 07.11.2011
Siege Of Amida

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