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Timeline EP

Written by: TL on 25/04/2012 14:34:55

We don't generally make a habit of reviewing short releases of three tracks or less here, because frankly it's often limited how much there is to talk about in three short tracks of music. There are exceptions to this rule however, and with their fresh new "Timeline EP", Ontario, Canada-based melodic hardcore quartet River City have offered one of them. Through three furious songs the band offers blistering guitar melodies alá Evergreen Terrace, breath-taking vocal exchanges alá Four Year Strong's "Enemy Of The World" and breakneck tempos so fierce they're capable of matching even bands like Caleb Lionheart stride for stride in a musical foot race.

If it sounds like a juicy proposition it's because it damn well is. The first two songs, "Indifference" and "Break Through" are textbook examples on how to start a punk rock song, as both come roaring out the gates, running you over with super car speed and racing away with sparkling guitar melodies gushing from the exhaust. In these fast, hyperactive moments - where each vocal line seems to be snapping at the heels of the last - "Timeline EP" is pretty much everything you wished Four Year Strong had done to follow up "Enemy Of The World". The real magic to it however, and what I think gives it tremendous promise, is that it hints at far more nuance than that. The powerful guitar signatures remind me in varying degrees of bands as different as Evergreen Terrace, Alexisonfire and Wolves And Machines and between their blietzkrieg strikes, River City actually find time to sandwich in brief moments that are also contemplative or anthemic, inflating the feeling of the music to a size that bring my thoughts all the way to Sights And Sounds.

Of course this is an early career recording for the band, and as such it's not a surprise that the otherwise strong production job done on it, has a slight weakness in the frantic instrumentation almost deafening the vocal work here and there. And at three short and fairly similar tracks, one could question if River City have the format and the wealth of ideas, to imbue an eventual full length with the proper diversity, especially if they include tracks with a slightly calmer approach. These last observations however, are worries for the future, not for now. Now is the appropriate time to be really fuckin' excited by how much ass "Timeline EP" kicks, and to cross your fingers hoping that the promise and potential shown by it is one that River City will be able to realise and expand on - if we're lucky - many, many releases in the years to come. Oh and this is all a free download as well, so you really need to get it right now, or I'll feel very very sorry for you.

Download: All three songs for free!
For The Fans Of: Four Year Strong, Evergreen Terrace, Caleb Lionheart, Wolves And Machines
Listen: facebook.com/rivercityon

Release Date 27.02.2012

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