Streams Over Sad Parades EP

Written by: AZ on 21/04/2012 23:13:21

I guess musicianship is a thing that some people have inside them; others have to work in order to achieve it. I can think right away of a couple of bands that pour out their heart every single night on stage and thus orchestrate the audience in such way that many master/guru instrumentalists playing billion notes per second cannot. That's right, making music that comes from the soul is what I appreciate and look for amongst the endless list of names.

Coming off with a straightforward and full-of-emotions four-track release, UK natives Jairus take the stage with “Streams Over Sad Parades”; melancholic, nostalgic and yet energetic – I'd say just "being aggressive with a smile" - this genuine work belongs to band with 10 years of long tours and lots of hard work behind them. Post-hardcore, New wave, Experimental... it doesn't matter. The quality of the music doesn't strive towards a specific genre and that's why it sounds so... honest.

It doesn't take much to tell that a skillful hand has touched the instruments and produced this beautiful and majestic gamma of "noises" that inundates us upon clicking play. Expressively highlighted, followed by dimly closed – it is simply an adventure in the recesses of creativity; an adventure through the mystical lands of the minds of these six dreamers. A modern fairytale, if you will.

Toying with the listener's perception, Jairus go from that "kick back and relax" to a more "in your face" mood back and forth during the tracks. As if an adept artist is sketching a painting, the guys are relaxing your neck muscles just before they bash your head in the wall. It seems so right to experience that numbness under the sounds of "Dry Yourself Off Richard Millhouse"; it seems so natural to stray over the clouds and not feel anything.

Consuming this EP – from head to toe – is so easy and effortless. A work worth applause, flashing lights in all the colors of the rainbow and a bottle of good wine. But the awful truth is that the music fades away just as easily - like a scent in the night full of many aromas...


Download: Chupacabara, Debord's Ghost, Dry Yourself Off Richard Millhouse, Interlude
For The Fans Of: At the Drive-In, Converge
Listen: Bandcamp

Release Date 18.05.2012
Frontal Noize Records

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